Become a Pro Member. Receive a free laptop.


Become a Pro Member (facility or company level) by November 1st, 2013,  and we will ship you a ACER C7 Chromebook for your staff to access all our online trainings via your WIFI connection.

Terms of Use for this promotion:

+The ACER C7 (or compatible) Chromebook ships to your facility after you have been an active Pro Member (at the facility or company level) for 60 days.

+You keep your Chromebook, free of charge, to help train your staff as long as you maintain an active Pro Membership at the facility or company level.

+If your membership is cancelled, within the first 14 months, you must return the laptop to us within 15 days of cancellation or be billed $199 for the laptop. If your membership is cancelled after 14 consecutive months, the Chromebook is yours to keep.

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