4. Group Management

How do I add an employee to my group?

1. Login to your member account and click Mange my Group from the member menu.
2. Click on 'Invite a new member to this group' below.
2. Enter name, email, and assign a password
3. They will be instantly added to your group and can login with their email/password

NOTE: If they are already in the database, they will be assigned to your group but will keep their current password. If they are already assigned to a group, you will have to contact support@aceconline.com to reassign.

Can I print a certificate for trainings I have completed?

Of course.   As a Pro Member you can click on the Training History submenu and view all your  completed trainings as well as trainings completed trainings from each member of your group.   Each user in your group must be logged in to their own account and complete the entire course in order to print a certificate.  They may print their own certificate from their account AND you as the group admin can print their certificate from your ACEC Pro member account.