With the upgrade to our system on July 1st, 2013, we have modified our membership billing to be more flexible and fair. In the past, ACEC membership was $295 per year for each facility, and was good ONLY for employees working at that particular facility address.

As of July 1st, 2013, Facility Membership is now called ACEC Pro Membership.
1. Billing is in the form of a monthly recurring basis with no minimum contracts
2. Membership fees are billed on a monthly recurring basis.
3. Released employee restrictions. You may add anyone to your group membership whether they work in your facility location or at another. (This is more flexible for large organizations)
4. Created 4 levels of membership so larger groups receive a lower monthly cost-per-user.

We had not raised our prices in 10 years and our pricing amounts and structure were antiquated. With the old system, we were charging the same price for facilities using the system for 2 individuals as for facilities using the system for over 100 employees. We have made our new pricing more fair as it now reflects directly the number of your employees actually using the system. Plans can run as low as less than $2 per month per employee.

Also, our new programs are now being offered in an updated format which makes them accessible on mobile devices and we are working to put out two new programs per month in this new format. Our goal with our new system is to greatly improve your facility's training so that it can benefit your employees with more engaging and high-quality programs that are easily accessible to all. We would like to encourage the greatest attendance to programs from within your staff and give them more and better information to assist them in their daily responsibilities and increase their value to your facility.

Our end goal is to provide training that will aid your facility to be recognized as a facility that employs top-notch individuals and provides the best service.

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